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NJOY SPIRITS KISSING DAY 2021 CELEBRATIONSATURDAY & SUNDAY 11 am to 6 pm Is there anyone that doesn’t like a Kiss? Especially a cocktail that’s been “kissed” with your favorite Award-Winning 100-Proof Wild Buck Rye Whiskey? There are several different days of the year that “lay claim” to World Kissing Day 2021, but we’re celebrating…

SATURDAY & SUNDAY 11 am to 6 pm

Is there anyone that doesn’t like a Kiss? Especially a cocktail that’s been “kissed” with your favorite Award-Winning 100-Proof Wild Buck Rye Whiskey?

There are several different days of the year that “lay claim” to World Kissing Day 2021, but we’re celebrating Kissing Day 2021 this weekend.

World Kissing Day was established in 2006 to focus on the kissing between lovers and to celebrate the place it holds in our society. One of the most surprising things about World Kissing Day 2021 is the research that revealed that 5% of people over 45 are locking lips at least 31 times a week! Who would have thought that old fires burn so hot?

Many events are organized all over to celebrate World Kissing Day 2021. There are events for those who have lovers and those who are looking for them. Kiss-in’s let you test drive a potential date’s lips before you ever hook up with them for an actual date, and kissing classes help you learn how to become a fantastic kisser.

However, romantic kissing isn’t the only place that kissing on World Kissing Day 2021 happens in our culture and society. Among high society, it’s not at all unusual to greet with a kiss on each cheek, a tradition that heralds back to the Old World. Young children frequently get kisses from their loving parents, though it’s something that tends to fade as children get older.

How to Celebrate World Kissing Day 2021

Well, how to celebrate World Kissing Day 2021 is pretty simple, isn’t it? On your day’s choice for World Kissing Day 2021, wake up in the morning and kiss your partner good morning. Next, greet your friends with a quick kiss on the cheek to show them how much you appreciate them.

On World Kissing Day 2021, if you’re a bit more reserved, place a chaste kiss on the back of the hand of friends you hold in high regard. There are a million different ways to deliver a kiss to those you care about on World Kissing Day 2021, and they don’t all have to be romantic! So on World Kissing Day, pucker up every chance you get!

Just remember the breath mints on World Kissing Day 2021.

Also, you’ve got to come and visit NJoy Spirits Distillery on Saturday and Sunday from 11-6, the only days we’re open to the public. See details below of all the fun you will have on your visit, including the Tour and Tasting by owners Natalie and Kevin Goff. Be sure to ONLY USE our GPS Address for correct driving directions, so your navigation system gets you safely here.

We’ll see you Saturday and Sunday 11-6 when you come and celebrate with us!



NJoy Spirits Distillery was founded in 2012 by Natalie and Kevin Goff. They bought 80 acres inside the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area on which they formed Goff Ranch, home of NJoy Spirits Distillery.

NJoy Spirit’s Distillery is a family-operated Florida Rye Whiskey distiller in the heart of the nature coast. We wanted to make America’s finest 100% Rye Whiskey when we started making our Wild Buck American Rye Whiskey! We are confident we have achieved that (and Wild Buck Whiskey has many awards to prove it!) and have no doubt you’ll agree with just one sip!

Wild Buck Rye Whiskey is smooth, bold, handmade, and bottled at 100 proof. We start by fermenting a mash of 100% farm-fresh rye grain. We grind and cook it daily, one batch at a time. We add no artificial flavorings or color and use only purified ultraviolet filtered rainwater. At NJoy Spirits, we never rush our Rye Whiskey into a bottle. Our Rye Whiskey is aged in custom-made new charred American Oak barrels and developed in the Florida climate. The American Oak barrels give our final product a deep rich flavor with a hint of spice that only grows with time using a smaller barrel – the way Whiskey used to be aged.

Kevin Goff and Natalie Goff started making Wild Buck Rye Whiskey in 2010, and it became available to RNDC in April 2012.

We decided to start distilling Mermaid Rum in 2016 since we added to our property to grow sugarcane. Cane is like grass/bamboo, which grows in most soils. We quickly began racking up many Gold Medal Awards from prestigious groups.

We started the Ryes-In-Shine Moonshine in 2017. As you know, Moonshine is the same thing as Whiskey – just never aged in oak barrels and higher proof, and people asked for it, so that is why we decided to bottle that product.

We wanted to make products that used crops we could grow here on our farm. The type of corn we tried to make Bourbon with wasn’t growable in Florida, so we chose the 401 black rye, which quickly grows here instead. Our soil is very sandy and not rich. We have had to supplement the Florida soil with many tons of compost for years.

We are very proud that our Wild Buck Rye Whiskey, Mermaid Rum, and Ryes-In-Shine Moonshine have become a reality through many years of trial and error! We realize patrons are the key to our success. If the liquor store you frequently visit does not carry them, kindly ask them to call our distributor (See Shop > Where to Buy).

“Tour & Tastings” of all three of our Florida-grown and made “Wild Buck Whiskey,” “Mermaid Rum,” and “Ryes-In-Shine Moonshine” is $8/Adult, but the fee is 100% credited towards our Whiskey, our Rum, or our Moonshine bottle purchase.

Walk around and see where we grow our 100% Rye for our Award-Winning 100-Proof Wild Buck Rye Whiskey, 150-Proof “Ryes-In-Shine Moonshine,” and the Sugar Cane for our Award-Winning 100-Proof Mermaid Rum.

Children are welcome but by law are not allowed in the Tour, Tasting, or Bar areas.

For the safety of all, No Pets are allowed to be brought by visitors onto NJoy Spirits LLC Distillery property. Only Service Animals that comply will all rules set forth on the website and are “Always-on-a-Leash” are allowed on NJoy Spirits LLC Distillery property.

Thanks again for your support. We are growing and would like to hear from you – please use the Contact Us page on our website.


We hope to see you this Weekend, Rain or Shine!

NJoy Responsibly!

NJoy Spirit’s – Wild Buck Whiskey DSP-FL-20005

DIRECTIONS – GPS: 13243 Commercial Way, Brooksville, FL

  • Our GPS address is the entrance to Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area and is the ONLY WAY to get to NJOY SPIRITS DISTILLERY.
  • No entrance fee for NJoy Spirits Distillery visitors.
  • Follow the NJOY signs for ~5 miles to the entrance of Goff Ranch, home of NJoy Spirits Distillery.

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