Owners: Natalie Goff and Kevin Goff

Natalie Goff and Kevin Goff are co-owners of NJoy Spirits LLC, the #1 non-GMO, organically focused distillery located inside the Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area.

NJoy Spirit’s Distillery is a family-operated Florida whiskey distiller in the heart of the natural coast. When we started making our Wild Buck American Rye Whiskey (we didn’t want to make any rye), we wanted to make America’s finest 100% Rye Whiskey! We are confident we have achieved that, and we have no doubt you’ll agree with just one sip!

Wild Buck Whiskey is smooth, bold, handmade, and bottled at 100 proof. We start by fermenting a mash of 100% farm-fresh rye grain. We grind and cook it daily, one batch at a time. We add no artificial flavorings or colors and use only purified ultraviolet-filtered rainwater. At NJoy Spirits, our whiskey is never rushed. Our whiskey is aged in custom-made new charred American oak barrels and developed in the Florida climate. The American oak barrels give our final product a deep, rich flavor with a hint of spice that only develops with time using a smaller barrel—the way whiskey used to be aged.

Kevin Goff and Natalie Goff started the Wild Buck Whiskey Company in 2010, and it became available to RNDC in April 2012.

We decided to start Mermaid Rum in 2016 since we had the property to grow sugarcane. Cane is like grass or bamboo, which grows in most soils.

We started the Ryes-in-Shine Moonshine in 2017.  As you know, moonshine is the same thing as whiskey—just unaged and higher proof—and people asked for it, so that is why we decided to bottle that product.

We wanted to make products that used crops we could grow here on our farm. The type of corn we tried to make Bourbon with wasn’t possible to grow here, so we chose the 401 black rye, which grows quickly here instead.  Our soil is very sandy and not rich.  We have had to supplement the soil with many tons of compost for years.

We are very proud that our Wild Buck Rye Whiskey, Mermaid Rum, and Ryes-In-Shine Moonshine have become a reality through many years of trial and error! We realize patrons are the key to our success. If the liquor store you frequently visit does not carry them, kindly ask them to call our distributor (See Shop > Where to Buy).

Thanks again for your support. We are growing and would like to hear from you. Please use the contact page on our website.

NJoy Responsibly!

NJoy Spirit’s Wild Buck Whiskey, DSP-FL-20005


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